Mother House Could Face Trying Year for Donations

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Each day she goes to work, the Mother House's Lisa Valentine feels less like an employee and more like a community caregiver.

"A lot of the parents that come here are single parents, and me myself being a single parent, I have the stresses that the parents go through, so it makes me feel good when I leave at the end of the day that I've helped somebody else," Valentine said.

This house is always filled with love - and young children. But in recent months, Mother House suffered a big setback, when the state group that funds it denied a request to double the number of children allowed from five to 10.

"It was quite a blow as you can tell by the facility, we have the room here and the space. We just weren't able to because of the laws and the standards," Program Manager Jeremy Brown said.

Although the house won't have an expansion of children, Brown is now eyeing an expansion of services, notably a case manager to handle each family situation. But all that must come mainly from donations, and from a community suffering from relief fatigue.
"We are all stressed financially in these hard times that have come up with hurricanes and so forth, but hopefully they realize that the community has the Mother House and children's home and aid that could use the funding," Brown said.

And while possible dwindling donations could take a toll on the Mother House, leaders are still confident in what this home provides, for present and future children with no place else to go.

"We are doing a huge service for the community, and we are doing a huge service for the kids. We are giving them a chance," Brown said.

A chance to help kids in so many ways, by making a house a temporary safe haven. The mother's house tries to raise between $30,000 and $35,000 from community donations. Their biggest fundraiser is the annual holiday shop at Colonial Village Mall. If you are interested in donating to mother house, call (815) 962-4858.