School Spirit?

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Thursday night 23 News was the only station to show you footage of a Rockford referee being spit on by two players. But it's not just pro sports players who have lost the definition of sportsmanship.

Sportsmanship means to play fair, be courteous and have a striving spirit not have a striving urge to spit. Thursday night at the Soccer Sectional Championship #11 Nevan Kuljanin from Guilford was fouled for grabbing the back of a Boylan players jersey. Then #11 and #22 Nino Markovic also from Guilford both spit at the referee. 23 News slowed the video down you can see that #11 missed but #22 made a direct hit, right on the back of ref Ben Buum's head.

Rockford Public School District Athletic Director Diane Peterson says, "Kids are competitive and they will make poor choices but my message is if you do then there are consequences you brought on yourself."

Guilford High School Athletic Director Brad Sego says actions are being taken. A report was also sent to the IHSA and it will be a few days before we know what additional penalties the players face. #11 is a senior so his high school athletic career isn't ruined but #22 is a sophomore and could possibly never play again.

Peterson says, "Respect. It's about respect. Respect your teammates and the opponents. Play hard but play clean."

But more than these two soccer players have had to make a trip to the principals’ office. Some made a trip to the Winnebago County jail. Last Saturday night a mixture of Guilford High School students and their friends gathered at this house at 1003 Brae Burn Drive. This night of underage drinking resulted in 21 arrests. Three juveniles were also charged with possession of alcohol by a minor.

Deputy Chief Kurt Ditzler with the Winnebago County Sheriff’s department says, “We can go by officers observation and if a person admits to drinking that's probable cause to make an arrest."

Guilford High School Principal Tim Kutz only made this comment about the incident. Kutz said, "This is a school issue dealing with students that we deal with here."

But if one of those teens chose to drink and drive that Saturday night out might have been the last night alive. Deputy Chief Kurt Ditzler says this was one of the largest underage drinking parties they've busted.