Chemical Clean Up in Freeport

The industrial manufacturing that once fueled Freeport’s economy, could now be putting the health of it citizens at risk. What is worse, one possibly contaminated site is a school parking lot. The good news is the city and state are taking the initiative to start cleaning up.

Over three dozen Freeport sites have been targeted for review. The first priority for clean up has been given to one site in particular, because the land in question is home to Taylor Park Elementary School.

Thursday night the city of Freeport held a forum to ease residents minds. The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency scanned the parking lot with a heavy duty metal looking for fuel tanks. In 1998 three tanks were pulled from the area, but locals fear more may be contaminating the ground where the kids play.

The IEPA has not yet released its findings but says if there are tanks located under the school parking lot there it is likely that they are contaminating the surrounding area.