Winnebago County Jail Plans

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Winnebago County Board members were busy Wednesday night working on plans for the new jail and deciding what to do with the current overcrowding situation.

There were a lot of questions at the Winnebago County Joint Committee Meeting.

The answers will lay the foundation for how the largest project in the county's history will be conducted.

"When you're talking about spending somewhere near 100 million dollars, you want to make sure you do it right," said Board Member Rick Pollack (R-13th).

To help with that process, the board asked the advice of an expert. Glen Turpoff, the executive director of the Northern Illinois Building Contractor's Association, has worked on major projects such as this before.

"Anytime the process on a big project like this fails is because a good solid team hasn't been in place," said Turpoff.

The board has temporarily stopped the process of looking for an architect in order to find a project manager first. The project manager will be the go-to person, overseeing all aspects of the project. Once that person is in place, the board hopes it will finally be on its way to making the project a reality.

"The ultimate goal is to have a shovel in the dirt and have a new jail by 2005," said Pollack.