1924 Truck Donated To Poplar Grove Museum

POPLAR GROVE (WIFR) -- If you like history you'll love this, have you ever wondered where one of the first Chevy trucks sold in the Stateline is at today?

Here she is in all her glory on permanent display now at the Poplar Grove Vintage Wings And Wheels Museum. The 1924 Chevrolet truck was sold that year by C.J. Wolf. That name should sound familiar to you because the family has been selling cars in Belvidere since that time and they donated the first Chevy truck they ever sold to the museum after tracking it down after all these years.

"It's a significant piece of local transportation history besides being a beautiful piece of automotive in its own right... so the two together really create this beautiful thing that we are very lucky to be the custodians of," Joanna Dowling, Poplar Grove Vintage, said.

According to car prices in the mid 1920s. The truck likely sold for less then $600.

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