Domestic Violence help

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It can be a dangerous situation when a victim of domestic violence decides it's time to get out. They often have no where to turn. Sometimes their abusive partner is so controlling, that the only time they have to themselves is at the hair salon.

So, that's why a violence prevention council and area hair salons are coming together to offer victims a place to turn.

The program's called "cut it out". Over 100 hair salons will offer referral cards that will guide victims to assistance. The information could save their lives.

The hope is that victims will see the cards before this happens and use resources such as wave to safely remove themselves from abusive relationships.

If you are a victim of domestic violence... call 544-1866. The number is for wave... A local domestic violence program. You can also call (815) 964-8394 or (815) 966-1287 for Rockford. In emergencies call 962-6102.