Harlem School Board Meeting

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When they went into court this morning she wasn't a Harlem School Board member. But when court adjourned she was. Monday night school board member Gloria Maloney took her seat once again as part of the Harlem School Board.

Harlem School Board President Sandi Johnson read this statement at the beginning on the meeting. “The court declared the Resolution to declare a vacancy on the Harlem Board of Education null and void. The board respects the opinion of the court; the board will conduct business as usual; and no further comments will be made."

And there wasn't any further mention of the fact that a two hour hearing took place Monday morning. Winnebago County Judge Timothy Gill granted Maloney's request for an injunction. That means the school board can not look for a new member after concerns were brought out that Maloney didn't live in the district. But her residency wasn't even a factor in court instead Judge Gill said the board violated Maloney's due process. Some parents in the audience at this school board meeting agree.

Ann Quansah said she had some race relation problems in the district back in 1999. Quansah said Maloney supported her and gave her guidance. At Monday night’s meeting she told 23 News, “If they can all get together and strong arm her and try to kick her off the board it makes you wonder why they wanted to get rid of her so bad? I'm going to be a vigilant parent and attend meetings."

Anyone in the audience at the Harlem School Board meeting could tell that there was tension in the air. Maloney said she was just trying to move on and continue her duties as a board member.

Maloney says, “I was focused on collecting information which was given to me this afternoon which is an inadequate amount of time to go over board packet."

So who makes the next move?

Maloney says her next step depends on the boards next step.

And after a closed door meeting to discuss pending litigation which most likely included Gloria Maloney’s name, the Harlem School Board is still being silent. Maloney sat outside the closed door meeting which is what her lawyer advised.

There are a couple of different options as to what might happen now. The school board could look to continue to fight Maloney's residency. And Maloney could fight to have the district pay for her court expenses.