Speghetti Sauce Recall

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Hirzel Canning Company in Toledo has issued a recall of a meatless spaghetti sauce because of a labeling error. About 4,000 mislabeled cans were sold under the "Prima Qualita" brand meatless spaghetti sauce and distributed to wholesalers in Iowa, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Illinois.

Some cans that contain cheese mistakenly received labels intended for cans that do not. People who have allergies to dairy products run the risk of serious allergic reaction but no illnesses have been reported.
The cans bear one of two codes: 5242-X 1-S-G-S-A or 5246-Y 1-S-G-S-A.

Wholesalers who have purchased 106-ounce cans of Prima Qualita Spaghetti Sauce with either of the two codes should return them unopened to the place of purchase for replacement.