State's Republican Leaders Unite as One in Northwest Illinois

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GOP candidates from all over Illinois united as one Sunday afternoon at Stephenson County fairgrounds for a Republican rally. The event looked to rev up a renewed statewide Republican party the year before the governor and other key elections.

Candidates who came out are running for the Secretary of State, Lieutenant Governor, and Governor. And though they'll be going head to head in the coming months, the GOP hopefuls insist the party has only one goal in mind.

"Our focus is on Rod Blagojevich. The policies that he's implemented, changing those. There's a lot of good candidates in this field from the bottom of the ticket to the top of the ticket," state Senator Bill Brady said.

"I’m very excited. I think we've got some great candidates running for governor. It indicates that people believe we can win. We've got a governor who clearly nothing making the kind steps he committed to when he ran for office," candidate Ron Gidwitz said.

"We're putting out positive ideas. We're not running by attacking fellow Republicans, we're putting out positive ideas. School reform for example," DuPage County State's Attorney Joe Birkett said.