Residents Begin Petition Drive to Put a Tax Decision on a Referendum

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Some Byron residents are angry about a proposed tax hike for their public library, and they want to make their voice heard.

Diana Hada is one of a handful of volunteers leading a petition drive. Saturday, the group got about 200 signatures. The petition asks for a referendum to be held. The topic? Taxes.

You see, last month, Byron Library leaders agreed to a two-percent tax increase for its maintenance fund. The fund is still being worked out with city leaders, but would go towards construction and repairs.

Library leaders defend the tax as necessary, and point out the hike would only be temporary to handle its growth. The petition would need 573 signatures from registered Byron voters for the referendum to happen next March.

The deadline for the petition signatures is Oct. 22.

The proposed Byron Library tax hike comes at a time where library officials are looking to build a new four and a half million dollar facility across the street from the current library, which was built in 1985.