New Orleans Family In Need

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The Williams family came to us from New Orleans. They are a family of four with a husband, wife, 15-year-old son, and 2-year-old daughter. When the family escaped from New Orleans they had no idea where they would be going but now that they are in Rockford and they want to stay. The Williams family just moved in to a 3-bedroom apartment in Rockford. But their apartment is bare. Many of the items that we all count on having daily are missing. Many of you have already helped furnish their apartment and the family would like to tell you how much they appreciate all of your generosity. A big thanks goes out to all of you. But the family still needs help!

Anyone interested in donating supplies can call Mid-Northern Management at 282-1320. Here is an updated list of some of the items the Williams family is in need of in their new home.

- Pictures/ Wall Decor
- Cookware (mixing bowls, baking sheets, blenders, mixers)
- Cologne (for Emmanuel)
- Blankets
- Clothes for a 15-year-old teenage boy (Suggestion: Gift Cards so he
can go shopping for new clothes that fit his taste.)
- Towels
- Fan for living room/bedrooms
- Alarm Clock
- 2 Computer Keyboards
- Bedroom Dressors or clothing organizers
- Phone Cards to call family
- Holiday Decorations
- Automobile
- Employment (Emmanuel is looking for a job here in the Stateline. He
has experience as a meat cutter.)