SUV Sales Down

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Americans are getting practical and turning away from gas guzzlers, and that's bad news for thousands of people who are trying to get rid of their SUVs.

"It’s been on the market for 10 months to a year."

Ron Back has tried everything. He posted his Durango on the Internet, and dropped the price below Blue Book value. But no one is calling.

"The gas price is an incentive and I see why someone would want to downsize."

Besides impacting the types of vehicles people want to buy, gas prices are also changing business at the bank.

"What we have seen is the different ways people are financing their cars, and just kind of what the different types of vehicles they're going into now."

Katherine Taylor says gas prices are forcing people to stop looking for new vehicles, and instead, look for ways to cut down on their debt.

"One of the options is to consolidate debt to pay for credit cards, auto loans and put into a home equity loan."

Even on the Internet, the amount of people searching for SUVs and trucks dropped more than 25 percent last month. And fuel-efficient cars dominate both new and used vehicle searches.

That's what it's about, saving gas and having a great ride."

Ron Back says he'll try to hold on to his SUV until the market improves. Something he is not sure will ever happen.

"Gas prices are gonna go up."