Modern Day Cattle Rustling

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He's straight out of the west, western Winnebago County, that is, but this modern day wrangler ran into a rustler stealing his steer.

Bill Green says back in August 2003, he had a written contract with 41-year-old Gustavo Deloera.

"I had met him, he came and rented the cattle for a sporting event--a cutting horse event. And they butchered some of the cattle...the rest were subjected to a brutal Mexican event where the cattle are pursued at a high speed and seized by the tail and then thrown to the ground," says Green.

Green says he tracked down 28 of the cattle in Boone County...2 of the cattle, he says, were butchered but tracking down Delorea wasn't as easy.

"There was a civil matter and their judgment was entered--Delorea was supposed to pay Green for the cattle he didn't return. He hasn't paid him and there was a contempt of court warrant issued on several occasions," says Winnebago County Sheriff Richard Meyers.

Winnebago County Sheriff Richard Meyers has been helping Green with the hunt , Delorea was supposed to be in court on Monday but for the 3rd time in just over a month, he's failed to appear.

"The defendant was ordered to pay, he failed to do that. So he's failed to follow order of the court, so it's appropriate for the courts to issue warrants for failure to follow that court order--and that they've done. So it's our way of assisting a citizen on a civil matter that's breaching on being criminal," says Meyers.

"It's very upsetting to have cattle stolen...I'm very pleased to have any of them back," says Green.

Green says he won't rest until justice wins out--just like a good ol' western movie.

Deleora was arrested again on Tuesday for failing to appear in court. He's out on bond, and another court date has been set...