Starting A New Life In Rockford

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It's been almost a month since 51 evacuees landed at the Greater Rockford airport. But now it's decision time. Some will stay and some will go. 23 News Reporter Laura Gibbs has been following one family who is now going to call Rockford home.

It's amazing the evacuees that were brought to Rockford have nothing. Basically they were able to escape New Orleans with a few bags. I've been keeping track of one family of four as they go through the process of starting from scratch.

Emmanuel Williams, his wife, daughter and son were living at Singer Mental Facility. But this weekend the family moved out and moved in to a three bedroom apartment. The family says they were thankful for all the help at Singer but say it feels good to be in their own space where they have privacy. But when you look around this apartment it's not filled with the normal items we all have after a major move.

Now the family does have some of the basic necessities and the Salvation Army has provided them with a whole new wardrobe. Not to mention the Williams family has also received lots of donations from church groups.

Anyone interested in donating supplies can call Mid-Northern Management at 282-1320. Here is the list of some of the items the Williams family is in need of in their new home.

- Furniture
- Living room items
- Pictures
- Kitchen Utensils, pots, pans, cookware, appliances
- Cologne (for Emmanuel)
- Blankets
- Clothes for a 15-year-old teenage boy
- Queen sized bed/full bed, bedroom furniture
- Towels
- Fan for living room/bedrooms
- Bathroom Accessories
- Alarm Clock
- 2 Computer Keyboards
- Moving Truck