Cherry Valley Discusses Daytime Curfew Ordinance

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With Rockford on its doorstep, should Cherry Valley follow suit and take on a daytime curfew? Monday night, that question was debated publicly for the first time.

Cherry Valley's ordinance committee opened up the curfew discussion. The village includes Rockford District 205 students, as well as Cherryvale Mall. Some Rockford aldermen are concerned truant teens could skip school to the mall out of city limits, and the curfew's reach.

However, Cherry Valley residents spoke out against the daytime curfew. They argue the plan could force the village to add police officers, and possibly lead to future legal headaches. Some Cherry Valley trustees are also frustrated they weren't included in Rockford’s curfew discussion. Some village leaders argue they now are between a rock and a hard place.

"Since they passed it and we share the school system with Rockford, we more or less have to take into consideration, is this something we need to enforce as well?" Village
Trustee Jill Miller said.

"The hysteria of fear that the mall is going to be a safe haven for all these bad truant teens that are going to run across the border to the mall, I think that's an exaggeration," Rachel Rawson said.

The ordinance for a daytime curfew in Cherry Valley still has a long way to go. It will again be discussed at next month's ordinance committee meeting. Should the curfew ordinance be okayed by the committee, the earliest Cherry Valley's Village Board could vote on the issue would be mid-November.