Fighting Crime Together

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Last week 23 News was the only station to tell you about the call girls and the dangerous drugs invading 11th Street. A week ago Zelma Hall was not only a manager of the Phillips 66 on 11th Street. She was also a security guard. Zelma told us how she would try to chase away pimps, prostitutes, and drug dealers.

Zelma Hall is the Manager of Phillips 66 and she says, "Everybody's tired of girls hanging around guys picking them up. Drugs that go with it. I mean we find needles in the parking lot, drug pouches and it's not a good thing."

So we decided to check back with her this week to see what's changed. Zelma stated, "During the week I come up here and check and there's no one hanging around."

It's a combination of events that has stopped the illegal activity. First off Zelma gives credit to the Rockford Police department. Police routinely make laps throughout the parking lot several times at all hours of the day picking up and arresting people who don't belong. As recommended by the police department Phillips 66 cut their outside phone lines. These pay phones were being used to conduct drug deals.

Zelma says, "The parking lot has changed a lot and at least you can find a place to park now."

But now Zelma questions how long will this last? So she asks everyone to commit to being a neighborhood watchdog. Zelma’s plea is, "I think if everyone will step forward and says hey I won't put up with this anymore and call police or get a group together and say hey I'm taking control of my neighborhood and I'm not going to let this happen."

Advice from a woman who has gone above and beyond her job description.

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