A Cold Break

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The cold weather is starting to take its toll on the city's sewer system. At least seven water mains have either burst or cracked on Sunday throughout Rockford. This leaves residents without water as city crews try and stay ahead of even more breaks.

Over the past 24 hours, the city's water department has been working around the clock to repair damage to numerous water mains that have cracked from the extreme cold. City workers say they’re exhausted and fear that the continued cold spell could cause even more breaks.

A water main break on Roxbury Court caught a lot off residents off guard. City workers had to shut off the water as they listen and search for the source of the break. Sue Carter first noticed the water main break on her street.

The water department says they have been busy the past couple of days just trying to keep up with the number of water mains that have cracked. City utilities have been equally as busy locating pipes, gas and electrical lines. They say they need to mark their lines to insure there are no accidents

Crews worked overnight as they try and repair a number of the city's water lines that have failed due to the cold weather. They say these breaks could happen again unless the cold spell breaks.