Picnic Emphasizes Unity, Pride for Neighborhood Group

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Though their neighborhood is diverse, the neighbors’ voices are clearer than ever.
"The message today is basically one of hope. We want to take back our neighborhood," Cathy Waldron said.

"The message is neighborhood unity, and to get together and clean up the streets, and make it a safe place for everyone to live," Catherine Owen said.

Safe and strong livelihoods, that's the goal of the Orchid Neighborhood Association, which covers the blocks southeast of downtown. Saturday afternoon, hundreds kicked back for an end-of- summer cookout, an opportunity to reflect on neighbors discarding the bad and inserting the good.

The neighborhood-police crime alliance came through two weeks ago, when constant calls and tips led authorities to bust up and shut down this drug house on Kishwaukee Street.

An improved neighborhood, an energized crime fighting partnership in and around College Avenue and 3rd Street.