Greater Rockford Airport

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The Greater Rockford Airport Authority has a new strategy to bring passenger service to Rockford. They are calling on Dr. John Lewis, an economist and professor at NIU, to help them come up with a vision for the future of the airport - a vision that would impact the economy as well.

It was a brainstorming session for the members of the Greater Rockford Airport Authority. Their challenge: come up with the right words to express their vision and mission.

Already gaining national attention is Rockford's air-cargo service - now the 23rd largest in the U.S., beating out cities like Boston and Orlando.

O'Brien says the air-cargo service alone produces $719 million in economic benefits for the Rockford community. And he says those numbers would skyrocket if passenger service arrived.

Dr. Lewis will meet with the Greater Rockford Airport Authority three more times in the next six weeks. Their next goal will be to discuss the major strengths and weaknesses of the airport.