Looking to Hire

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Woodward Governor announces its closure of their Buffalo New York plant. Workers will be given the option to re-locate to Rockford, or take a severance package. Either way there's the potential of more jobs in the Stateline area. That is not the only business that could be hiring.

With a cut of a ribbon, a new business is welcomed to Rockford's downtown area. Montel Industries focuses on high speed Internet, especially in the hospitality industry. Owner Ray Montelongo says they have about 12,000 rooms that they are working on getting. Ray says that would lead to an increase in business and job openings.

The community could also see some positive economic impact from Woodward Governor moving 145 jobs to the area. Woodward management says they are not sure if the move will lead to an increase in employment or any new jobs. It all depends on how many workers in Buffalo are willing to re-locate

Woodward governor employs about 3,400 people worldwide. Management says the move will help support Illinois employment levels.