Leaders Lure Staples Distribution Center to Rock County

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On this land in Beloit, a city nicknamed the Gateway to Wisconsin will soon be the gateway to hundreds of new industrial jobs.

"We are talking about 200 jobs that are good paying, and with good benefits," Beloit city manager Larry Arft said.

On Wednesday, office giant Staples announced its plans to build a distribution center at the Gateway Business Park, a center which looks to resurrect Beloit's sagging industrial base.

"So these are jobs that are going to use the skill sets of people that are already here in Beloit. Many of them are still unemployed or underemployed, so this is going to be a tremendous opportunity for many of these people.

But the Staples deal didn’t come without a sweetened pot. Wisconsin's Department of Commerce is giving Staples a $500,000 loan, along with Beloit's multi-million dollar tax credit plan.

"We're really working hard at building the economy, and creating new jobs, and this is very important step for the Beloit community," Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle said.

But despite the multi-million dollar price tag, both city and state leaders are ecstatic to have a Fortune 500 company as a huge anchor at the Gateway Business Park.

There's nothing like having a nationally known company like Staples with a 400,000 square foot facility coming into your park, so it will certainly increase marketing for Gateway.

It’s an office warehouse staple, which will soon staple on 200 new jobs to Beloit’s employment base.