Rockford School Board Members Walk Out, Meeting Canceled

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A health insurance quarrel is threatening the overall health of Rockford's school board.

Members Jay Nellis and Mike Williams left the board meeting before roll call this evening at 5 p.m. since only five members were present, and the two members left, the meeting could not be held with only three members.

Nellis said he and Williams bolted early because they didn't want to vote on changes to the recently approved teachers’ contract without member David Kelley present.

23 News has learned the contract change involves how much teachers would pay for their Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance premium. The teachers union recently approved the contract's insurance change. It's now up for the board's approval.

School board president Nancy Kalchbrenner says she is extremely disappointed in two members delaying the vote. Kalchbrenner says the decision needs to get done quickly since teachers enroll for insurance in October.

The president will likely call a special meeting next Tuesday to get this issue resolved.