E-85 Gas in Freeport

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The Marathon gas station on Sleezer Home Drive in Freeport is converting four pumps into E85 gas pumps. The fuel is made up of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent regular unleaded gas.

The product is made from corn that is grown in Stephenson County. And Lena based Adkins Energy turns the corn into fuel. So the economic benefits of this conversion will be shared throughout Stephenson County.

But the biggest bonus is the money drivers can save on gas. Right now E-85 is going for about two dollars a gallon in Rockford. The owner of the gas station hopes that price cut will have people lining up at his store.

The Marathon station will start selling E-85 gas in the first week of Freeport. There are also stations that sell E-85 on Forest HIlls Road in Loves Park and Sandy Hollow Road in Rockford. To find out if your vehicle can use E-85 gasoline log on http://www.adkinsenergy.com/contents.asp?id=4709