Katrina Evacuee Service Day

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"We had no bread, no fruit, the children had no milk, no formula, no pampers...we had nothing," says New Orleans evacuee Patricia Robinson.

Patricia Robinson and her husband George hitchhiked to Rockford from New Orleans, their 4 bedroom home, Patricia’s job as a paralegal, their life as they knew it, gone, and starting all over, she says, at their age won't be easy.

The focus of a health and social service day, held at the Salvation Army, is to help the Robinsons and other evacuee move forward.

Pamela Fields was a nurse in New Orleans and stayed with her patients until they were evacuated. Pamela, her 3 children, and her 2 sisters and their children then drove to Rockford where their father lives.

"I've had a lot of people that have come together, they came to our door, all hours of day, giving us things, offering us so much advice, giving us referrals. They city really, really came together to help me out and I want to thank everyone, everyone," says New Orleans evacuee Pamela Fields.

"Louisiana did nothing for us and we come here and Rockford opened up the doors, and I said thank you Rockford because without you we wouldn't have what we have now," says Robinson.