Memorial Hall Gearing Up For Its First Telethon Fundraising Drive

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Korean War veteran Jack Philbrick sees Memorial Hall as a place with not only living war artifacts, but more services for living war veterans.

"A lot of men today are suffering from psychological problems, and they need a central location. We're perfect for it here," Philbrick said.

The building, dedicated by President Teddy Roosevelt in 1903, has big plans this Veterans Day Weekend. Memorial Hall will hold its first telethon, an event curator Terry Dyer labels the hall's biggest weekend in decades.

"Promote the buildings, have our events here, draw people into it, let them see the treasure that you have downtown in a 102 year old structure," Dyer said.

Memorial Hall leaders admit while the county owned and operated building is doing OK financially, they hope to add more artifacts, and security with any added dollars. For Philbrick, the holiday weekend couldn't be a better time.

"We really in our organizations think of our comrades that we've lost, and there's a special camaraderie for veterans," Philbrick said.

Memorial hall leaders hope this weekend's set of fundraisers gives a fresh jolt to these historic buildings to remember those who served, who died and who are always remembered.

Memorial Hall officials will hold their first telethon this weekend. Operators are standing by from 12 to eight p.m. on Saturday, and from eight a.m. to 12 noon on Sunday. To make a donation, call (815) 969-1999 during those telethon hours. Every penny given goes right back into Memorial Hall.