Area Medical Teams Effectively Treat Hurricane Victims

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Whether it was young children with aggravating mosquito bites, or elderly victims with breathing problems, area medical teams answered the call and made sure the evacuees stay in Rockford will be a healthy one.

As evacuees got off the plane last night at the Greater Rockford Airport, each went through a medical screening.

About 15 doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners from Rockford hospitals put their stethoscopes to the test. Seven of the 51 evacuees needed some kind of medical care, and two were transported to area hospitals.

However, the doctors say each evacuee was stable, and showed no serious health risks.
The team of doctors say they were both honored and prepared to assist those displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

"If we had a plane of 150 come in, we were ready to upgrade our staffing to handle that. There were plans in place to address that, to meet the needs of whatever we received. We were able to do that quite efficiently and effectively. We had a great team out here," M.D. George Beranek said.

Area doctors say the most serious health concern of the evacuees was a person with chronic respiratory problems.

Several wheelchairs were also on standby for anyone suffering from disabilities.