September 11th Remembrance and Reflection

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Four years ago Sunday, terrorists attacked our nation. It was a moment of unspeakable horror, a day of unimaginable tragedy, an event speakers at Rock Valley College believe truly put the united in the United States of America.

"This nation is a resilient one. We can bounce back, and we did, and we have, and we are moving forward in a positive direction, coming together," Professor Kanwal Prashar said.

With heavy hearts, that resiliency shined Sunday at the Starlight Theater. RVC Professor Michelle Rotert, who gave the keynote address, said while 9/11 epitomized evil actions, society should not overlook people's positive actions.

"Some devastating things have occurred, and their effects will be felt forever, but it's also the case that tremendously good things go on," Rotert said.

The speakers say four years after a man made disaster, human compassion is again responding to a natural disaster, Hurricane Katrina.

"The fact that you've seen this outpouring of love in this community and around the nation. It's just a testament to the fact that we're no longer fighting over the issue of whether human beings are all equal," George Davis said.

That message was heard by a diverse audience Sunday, a message of not only tolerance, but acceptance of all races and religions in this post 9/11 world.

"We need to learn lessons from the past. That is four years ago, but we need to learn a lesson, but we are moving forward," Prashar said.

A local remembrance and reflection of September 11th, a day the world and America fell backwards, only to see four years later a nation pushing its way forward.