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A week ago, five-year-old Angela Rushford received a life saving kidney transplant from David Harper. Wednesday there is hope to answer other family's call for help.

David Harper didn't want his gift of life to end with one child, so today he and Angela's parents unveiled a new foundation, to make sure that other families have the financial support they need to go through such a life altering event.

Tony Rushford had to quit his job so that he would be eligible for state support to pay for his daughter Angela's kidney transplant. In essence, he had to choose between paying for his house or losing his daughter. That's a decision he doesn't want any parent have to make.

The foundation he and David Harper set up Wednesday will help parents pay for such an operation.

The Angela Rushford Children's Organ Donation Fund will provide resources to family's of children 16 years and younger.

Many families are kicked off the national organ donor lists because insurance or Medicaid won't cover the surgery. This foundation will give parents the financial support they need.

Frank Shier, the editor of the Rock River Times--the newspaper the Rushford's placed an ad seeking a kidney donor-- started the fund with a $200 donation Wednesday morning. Mayor Scott added $500 of his own money, but the cost of transplanting a kidney can reach into the thousands so they are asking for the community's help to support this foundation.

Now the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois will maintain the fund and an advisory panel has been set up to examine worthy applicants. Ninety-eight percent of all donations will go directly to families in need.

Angela Rushford Children's Organ Donation Fund
946 North Second St.
Rockford, IL 61107

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