Mississippi Woman Reaping Benefits of Stateline's Hurricane Compassion

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Sixty-five-year-old Doreen Kelly of Gulfport, Mississippi is alive, but her livelihood back home is anything but well.

"There's no water. No electricity. No gas. No sewage. There's no place to go; it's all gone," Kelly said.

Kelly fled north to Rockford the night before Hurricane Katrina hit, a storm which ravaged Kelly's neighborhood, her home, and her truck. With the Gulf in shambles, Kelly is finding peace and compassion with her daughter in Rockford.

"We were just amazed that they got me a place to live. They are furnishing my little apartment. It's amazing. I just can't believe it," Kelly said.

The Winnebago County Housing Authority is setting up Kelly with a temporary home, while a clothing drive at Colonial Village Mall is giving Kelly a temporary wardrobe and fresh sheets to sleep on. Kelly admits the hurricane has given her a new take on life and survival.

"Things that you accumulate are precious, but your life is much more, and I'm just glad I did leave," Kelly said.

She’s a woman who fled to drier land, only to find a community whose relief efforts show no signs of drying up.