Pinnacle Ministry Taking Donations

Pinnacle Ministry in Rockford has been asking for donations for almost a week now, and the Stateline’s generosity is piling up, literally.

Bags upon bags are pilling up at Pinnacle Ministry on Church Street in Rockford. In some rooms the donations are stacked to the ceiling. The group is working in conjunction with the Leaf River Fire Department. They have been accepting just about anything including food water clothes and school supplies. There has been so much given to them they are now in search for more volunteers to help sort through the ever growing pile of donations.

The space at pinnacle ministry is limited so they are encouraging people to bring less clothing and more things they are really short on like baby formula, and shoes. They also need empty boxes and more bags.

If you would like to help out at Pinnacle Ministries or if you have donations you can stop by at 710 N. Church Street, or call Melissa at 815-986-5361.