Freeport Family Reunited

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It's a mother's greatest fear that her baby is in harm's way, and she's unable to cradle her child, and protect her.

"You see all this stuff on TV, and you're wondering where they are and are they safe," says Barbara Shores.

Michelle Zimmerman and her three children were visiting the children's father in Gulfport, Mississippi. Katrina had her eyes set on the coast.

"We were staying with someone in a mobile home, it was going to be total destruction," says Zimmerman.

Katrina inflicted her wrath just hours after Michelle and the family arrived in Vancleave.

"We had to move from room to room because the ceiling kept collapsing, shingles would fall and there would be nothing but plywood," says Zimmerman.

Barbara and Denny Shores were determined to bring their daughter and grandchildren home.

"I wasn't calling anybody for anything. We were just going to go and take every penny that we could possibly get our hands on, because we don't know what we may run into. We may get stuck down there," says Barbara.

But almost instantly, an outpouring of community support wrapped around the shores family.

"Word got out somehow, and everybody wanted to help," says Denny.

In a van, loaned to the Shores from J.H. Barkou and Sons, and filled with goods donated from the community, the Shores headed south, and the devastation they saw will always be engrained in their minds.

"When you see it, it's like nothing I’ll ever forgot, makes you feel humble."

But amidst devastation, the Shores feel blessed that their daughter is home and safe in their arms.