Rockford School Board Lawsuit

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In a closed meeting, the Rockford school board met with their legal representation.

This, in order to discuss their move in filing a motion to dismiss the complaint brought on by the Winnebago County state's attorney's office.

“The district's response to the complaint will be filed in court and we'll see where it goes from there,” says school board attorney Tom Lester.

The Rockford school board's attorney is confident the matter will be handled quickly and correctly in court, "I can only assume that when the matters are properly presented to the court, the court will rule on them in a prompt and appropriate fashion, given that the election is coming up,” comments Lester.

Barb Dent who is running for the Sub-District D seat thinks the school boards motion is unfair to the community.

"I think that it is unfortunate that the board is wasting money on attorney's fees and is not focusing on the classroom, but the courtroom,” says Dent.

Some parents think the issue is getting out of hand.

"It's unfortunate Logli's office and the people here didn't get together and find out if there were any problems before this became such a hot news event. It could have been handled with a much more judicial administrative approach. I think it's a waste of time,” adds parent David Johnson.

The bottom line is that time will only tell whether five or seven seats will be on the ballot come this April.

A hearing regarding the lawsuit filed by the Winnebago County state's attorney’s office concerning Sub-Districts D and F will be heard on Jan. 24.