More Cuts Possible for Byron Schools

The amount of tax revenue generated by the power plant is dependent on the valued of the site. That is what is in question. Just how much is the power plant worth?

The school district had the nuclear plant appraised at $501 million. The county said it is only worth about 77 percent of that. That means less money for the schools.

The Bryon Board of Education met Thursday night and decided to appeal the county’s decision. If the revenue was based on the county’s appraisal of the nuclear plant the Byron school district would receive almost two million dollars less than they believe they deserve. Two million dollars is no small chunk of change, especially considering the Byron school district has made major cuts in the last few years.

Last year Bryon made major cuts in staff. The district now believes they are at rock bottom as far as the number of employees required to properly operate the district.

The appeal will now go in front of the County Board of Review. The board will hold a hearing some time between November and February.