Ogle County Wind Farm

This idea met strong opposition in Boone County, and it has been discussed just about everywhere else. Now one company wants to bring a wind farm to Ogle County.

Navitas the energy company that owns 60 turbines near Paw Paw would like to build a similar wind farm in Ogle County. The idea will go before the regional commission Thursday Oct. 20. The public will be able to chime in starting Nov. 7 during public meetings.

Some of the biggest selling points for a wind farm; include job creation for the building and maintaining of the turbines, the fact that wind generated power is a clean renewable source of energy, and of coarse the almighty dollar. Tax dollars generated by the turbines would go to Ogle County schools.

That would mean less of a burden on all taxpayers in Ogle County. Still many people believe the turbines are eyesores at best. Residents in neighboring counties have listed safety as their number one reason for not wanting the turbines in their backyards.