Robber Caught By Employees, Hospitalized

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A strange situation around 12:30 this morning in Rockford. Police say 23-year-old Jessy Lane, Rockford, walked into the Los Comales restaurant on 1528 Kishwaukee. He asked for a glass of water. When an employee returned with the water, Lane demanded money from the employee and a manager: both refused. Lane grabbed the cash register, and shook it until the drawer popped open. Then, he took off with some cash.

Unfortunately for Lane, the two workers pursued him after setting off a hold-up alarm. One of the workers also grabbed a piece of pipe on the way out. The workers caught up to Lane, and a fight ensued. The worker with the pipe won. Police arrived in time to arrest Lane. He was treated for minor injuries at Swedish American Hospital.

Police say that at one point, Lane apparently was scared enough that he ran out of his shoes while trying to get away with the cash.