Odor Investigation

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Shoppers were taken out by ambulance and stores closed after paint fumes filled the south part of Machesney Park Mall. Fire officials say the fumes caused severe headaches since there is very little ventilation.

Earlier in the day mall maintenance crews painted a fountain pool with special pool paint.
The mall wasn't entirely closed; it was just a short time before crews had fans all over to clear the air. But many businesses did close. Owners posted signs explaining why the bars were up. Business owners say they were more concerned about their health, than making money.

North Park Fire Chief says he is looking into the make-up of this particular paint to see if there were any hazardous products.

A fountain on the other side of the mall was painted last week with the same paint and there were no complication. This time, three people were taken to the hospital but only as a safety precaution.

Mall management did not want to comment on the situation.