One Step Closer To Going Up

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Tuesday night the Zoning Board of Appeals voted unanimously to give Fridh Corporation a special use permit.

Fridh Corporation had to go before the ZBA because in the 900 block of North Main Street buildings are not supposed to go above 45 feet. This 14-story condominium project will be 173 feet. Fridh Corporation bought the land in July of 2003. At that point the plans were to build a 4-story condominium project with 65 units. What went before the board last night was a 14-story high-rise with 56 units. Each unit would cost roughly $300,000. But in the audience were several people who oppose such modern and high developments in their neighborhood. Residents say such a tall building will block the sun and ruin their property value. After many some statements for many more against were presented to the ZBA. But in the end the ZBA voted unanimously to approve the project.

The Codes and Regulation committee and the full Rockford City Council still have to take a vote. If that happens construction would start in Spring of 2006.