Rockford Shooting

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"I have a 6-year-old that asked me last night when she saw the cops if my windows were locked and shut because she was afraid someone was going to rob us."

Angel Stadler says her two young children shouldn't have to feel unsafe in their own home but after Monday night's shooting outside 511 Glendale Avenue she says many neighbors are feeling the same way. Around 7 p.m. 14-year-old Alexandra Cervantes was shot in the chest.

"There was a car that pulled up, there were 2-3 people in the car. Some activity took place between the girls and the people in the car, one of the people in the car, who were all males, produced a gun. And for some reason, that gun discharged. Now, whether or not the gun discharged accidentally or intentionally at this point we don't know," says Rockford Police Deputy Chief Dominic Iasparro.

"Either way it's sad. If it's on purpose, it's even scarier, because then you really have to be careful about letting our children outside to play. If it's an accident, it makes you feel mad and angry because you think these kids would know better at their ages, 14 and however old the other children are. But even at 14, you'd think they would be educated enough not to play with a gun, it's not a toy," says Sadler.

Deputy chief Dominic Iasparro says the men in the car drove Cervantes to Swedish American hospital, and then fled the scene. Iasparro says Cervantes was a friend of the girl who lived at the Glendale residence. Stadler says this wasn't the first time there's been problems.

"We have a particular family in the neighborhood that has a young, teenage girl. And I don't want to point the finger at her, but some of the company she keeps seems to cause problems in the neighborhood...whether there's fighting late at 1 in the morning--we're waking up, peeking out the window to see what's going on," says Sadler.

"The fact is there was a weapon in the hands of people where a weapon shouldn't have been--there was no reason for a weapon to be there, and it led to tragedy," says Iasparro.

The investigation is continuing. No arrests have been made yet.