Court Date Delayed Between Dismissed Board Member and School Board

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Just hours after she officially sued the district, a legal battle in court between a dismissed member, Gloria Maloney, and Harlem’s school board is put on hold.

On Monday, Maloney filed a court order against the Harlem board. The hearing was supposed to go on this morning, but now is put off until next Monday. The judge is expected to decide whether the Harlem board had the right to vote Maloney out of her elected seat.

Board members maintain Maloney no longer lives in the district. On Tuesday, the district's attorney declined comment. Meanwhile, Maloney’s attorney says while it's one legal step at a time, she's hopeful her client will be re-instated to the board.
"At this point we're just essentially saying that the removal was improper and we'd like that addressed before we even get to the issue of whether or not a hearing should have taken place. Essentially whether or not the removal was improper needs to be addressed first," Attorney Anne Vecchio said.

Harlem's school board planned to interview and appoint Maloney’s replacement this Wednesday. However, the board has put all that stuff on hold until a decision is made.