It's Official : Dismissed Board Member Sues Harlem School Board

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Harlem's School District is usually pre-occupied with the classroom. But on Tuesday, all eyes will be on the courtroom. Monday night, 23 News has learned that Gloria Maloney - who was dismissed last week - has officially sued the six members of the Harlem School Board. The two sides will meet in court, where a judge will decide whether the search for her replacement can continue.

Monday night, Harlem leaders were supposed to announce the candidate pool for Gloria Maloney’s replacement on the school board. Instead, the board postpones that meeting, and now prepares for a legal battle in court.

Gloria Maloney on Monday night, looked over her court order that she finalized with her attorney late Monday afternoon. Maloney asks for a temporary restraining order. That means Harlem’s School Board would have to stop the interview and hiring process for her replacement. Maloney was voted off the board last Tuesday, after the six other members said she no longer lived in Machesney Park. Harlem's board members declined comment after the meeting, only saying that they need time to digest the news. After already spending hundreds of dollars in legal fees, Maloney is confident of her chances in front of the judge.

"I’m relieved that it's filed. The attorney didn't have very long to prepare the documents, but she managed to get it all done, and I’m looking forward to having the hearing, and be re-instated to the board," Maloney said.

Gloria Maloney also requested Monday afternoon to the court to be re-instated immediately. The court denied that request, but allowed for Maloney to proceed with the court order, and the hearing Tuesday morning.