Janesville GM Plant Celebrates Production of 16 Millionth Car

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A huge milestone for GM's Janesville plant. Tuesday, the company celebrated the making of its 16-millionth vehicle. And as part of the celebration, the state of Wisconsin gave GM $5.4 million to help get employees ready for next years new line of SUV's. Now, Tuesday's announcement comes at a time when many at the Janesville GM' plant worry about keeping their jobs. The plant manager says the naysayers have it all wrong.

"With apologiest to Mark Twain, I would like to say to all the media, the reporting of the demise of the Janesville Assembly Plant has been greatly exaggerated," Plant Manager Gary Malkus said.

The Governor wasn't the only caught up in the giving spirit, UAW Local 95 donated a brand new mini-van to the United Way of North Rock County.