Victim's Family Members Say They Were Lied To

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The governor's blanket commutation has sparked outrage among victim's families, prosecutors and police. They say that they feel victimized that the governor would lie to their face about what he was going to do.

Gov. Ryan called Bob Peter's from Freeport on Wednesday night and promised him that he would not commute each death row inmate's sentence. The families say that the governor said that he would look at each case individually and not grant a blanket clemency. After Ryan's decision on Saturday, they say they now they feel used and can only describe what he did as despicable.

After Ryan's speech, Bob Jr. and Becky Peter's spoke out about hid decision. They say that they think, "It's a slap in the face." The Peter's father, Bob was killed in 1992 and William Keene was on death row for his death.

Illinois constitution makes it almost impossible to reverse these decisions, but several Illinois State's Attorney's say that they are currently looking into that. The Illinois General Assembly says that they are going to adopt legislation to make sure that a travesty of justice like this never happens again.