Two Year Old Girl Successfully Gets Through Surgery In Arkansas

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After 11 hours, and lots of prayers, two-year-old Evelyn Zagal made it through surgery with results her parents are thrilled with.

Evelyn had the surgery on Friday in Little Rock Arkansas. Since she was born, doctors attempted four different times to reduce Evelyn's growth on her neck, but the mass grew back each time.

Just when it looked like there was little promise, hope appeared down south. There, nationally known specialists at Arkansas Children's Hospital removed 80 percent of the growth, a figure that exceeded both the hospital's and family's expectations.

Her mother Teresa admits her balance is a little off, but that she's a trooper, whose spirits are high. As she watched her daughter nap this afternoon, Teresa says the surgery provided new hope, and a new confidence.

"We didn't think it was going to be possible that's what we were told that any other surgery would cause her death, and there really was no other option for her, so we were very happy to come here and prove that wrong," Teresa Zagal said.

Evelyn and her family will stay in Arkansas for another three weeks for follow ups. The family says the next big medical hurdle will be removing a mass in her chest, a surgery that could take place next year.

Evelyn's big brother Alex says he's looking forward to playing and running with his sister in the coming days.