Extreme Transformation

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For years, this home on Court Street stood vacant, it's beauty slowing withering away. But now the Victorian home is being showered with attention as its next phase of life begins.

"I fell in love with the house 9 years ago, and I wanted to buy it then--couldn't--so I bought it now. It's been a dream of mine to fix this house up--not only to redeem the house itself in the neighborhood, but also to help women," say Connie Griffin, Executive Director of Rockford Renewal Ministries.

Connie griffin, her husband Bob and friend Brad Long bought the home last month for $22,000 dollars with one purpose, to donate the home to pastors' William and Carla Turner with Victory Outreach Church.

"At this house will be women that struggle with drugs, alcohol, prostitution--who have a desire to change their life," says Pastor Turner.
The entire restoration project will rely on donations and volunteers.

"This is going by donations--we don't have any deep pockets to rely on so we're counting on the city and community to come behind us, and help us with the project," says Griffin.

The home--restored with the community's hands--will allow women to begin the transformation process in their lives.

"What it's going to do is teach them discipline, because most of them come in with a lot of skills and ability, but not the discipline to use it. So right now, I'll be the disciplinarian--get up, pray, read your bible, time to eat, time to go to bed--until they get it inside of them--and it becomes an attribute of them," says Pastor Turner.

The Turner's will live in the home as well, providing the women with 24 hour supervision. If you would like to make a donation--or be a volunteer, contact Connie at 962-6246.