Harlem School Board Denies Ousted Member's Return

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In the same room where she was removed as a Harlem Board member, on Thursday night, Gloria Maloney requests - and then is quickly denied - her spot back on the board.

"We had been made aware that she was going to show up, I suppose to sorta take back her seat, and the board had already made the decision, and it's final. There's no going back on that," Harlem School Board President Sandi Johnson said.

With her former seat still empty, a disappointed Maloney says she'll now take legal action. She's hired an attorney - and by Monday - plans to file a motion for a judge stop any applications for her seat, and give the go-ahead for her to return.

"I will follow up with the attorney. I'll follow up and follow their recommendations. We first of all will file a temporary injunction to be re-instated to the board," Maloney said.

But Harlem's School Board isn't fazed one bit. They stand by their decision to kick her out, since they believe she lives primarily out of the district in Janesville, Wisconsin. President Sandi Johnson argues their case against her is strong, and will hold up entirely in court.

"We do have the support of the state attorney's office, and of Dr. Fairgrieves, so as you saw on Tuesday night, we all agreed we were doing the right thing," Johnson said.

Maloney, however, says she's not going away. She says she'll be at upcoming board meetings, either in her board seat, or in the audience, asking questions, and staying involved.

"It's worth it to me. I've lived in this community all my life. I attended Harlem schools, my children attended Harlem schools, my grandchildren, other family members, neighbors, this is my community," Maloney said.

A community's school district soon to have a legal case on their hands, with a defiant ex-board member pressing on, and a school board standing firm.

Even with the threat of legal action, Harlem’s School Board is taking applications for Maloney’s now vacant seat. They hope to interview prospective candidates on Tuesday, and appoint Maloney’s replacement at a special board meeting on next Wednesday.