Proposed ATV Restrictions

The fight between riders and residents continues. ATV riders say it is their right to use their toys on their property. But neighbors say the sound travels well beyond their land, and that is a problem.

The issue was before the planning and zoning committee earlier this summer, when some residents wanted to restrict riding to four hours per day. Now the new proposal would outlaw the recreational use of ATVs completely within 2,500 ft. of residential areas.

The argument is the same. Some people believe the loud noise and dust that can be produced by off-road riding is at best an annoyance but more seriously could pose serious health risks. ATV riders believe the proposed restriction is too harsh. They say the total ban of off road riding to within almost half of a mile of residential areas; will mean almost no one can ride in the county. They say the ordinance amendment would punish everyone in stead of the few bad apples.

A date has not been set for the next planning and zoning committee meeting.