Southern Wisconsin Tornado Outbreak

An F-3 tornado, a force so destructive it can lift a car into the air and throw into a neighboring house. It can tear the roof off your home and uproot huge trees. Not only can it do these things, it has done those just 40 miles from Rockford.

“It was just right now and when things settled down we looked out the window and could see the tornado go across the river and our neighbor’s house was gone,” said one resident.

As many as 18 tornados ripped through central and southern Wisconsin Thursday evening. The worst of the damage was in southern Dane County in Stoughton, Wisconsin. A half-wide tornado totally destroyed 15 homes killing one person and sending several others to the hospital.

Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle declared a state of emergency for Dane County, calling state agencies to assist local government in recovering from the natural disaster, though they are still in shock after their homes were ripped apart, less than 24 hours ago.

Many residents are thankful they were able to escape with their lives. The task of rebuilding their homes and their lives is now at hand.