Fatal Trucking Accident

A tragic accident claims the life of a Rockford man early Thursday morning.

The incident occurred at the Maggio Truck Center at Baxter Road and I-39 at about 5 a.m. Winnebago County Sheriff Lt. Bob Springer says 43-year-old Russell Severson was standing next to his semi at the truck stop when was clipped and injured by the trailer of another truck which was pulling out.

The departing driver, 40-year-old Gerald Belknap of Rockton heard something, stopped, and then backed-up.

But when Belknap did this, he ran over Severson who had been knocked down.

Belknap then got out to see what he had hit.

What makes this story all the more tragic, Severson and Belknap were friends and both delivered goods for Walgreen’s.

An autopsy will be conducted Friday.