Reagan House Historic Site

Ronald Reagan
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The boyhood home of president Ronald Reagan is now a national historic site.

President George Bush signed the legislation early Friday morning, which is helping to put Dixon and the state of Illinois on the historical map.

The federal government will be in charge of protecting, and promoting it.

But good news for the city of Dixon, the operation of the home will continue to be led by local groups and volunteers.

With a fanfare of music and applause, people in Dixon watch as Ronald Reagan’s boyhood home becomes a national historic site.

Reagan moved to the Dixon home at the age of 9. He only spent three years here, but in that time, Reagan became attached to the home, and area.

It took just under two years for legislation to be drawn up, reviewed and passed to put Reagan’s boyhood home on the national historic map.

The federal government will take over advertising and promotional rights, but allow local groups and volunteers to continue its operation.

In the course of history, things sometimes tend to get lost, but the now federally protected Reagan home goes to show, even in a short time great values can be learned, and great leaders can be made.