Harlem School Board Member Dismissed

Harlem's School Board meeting was the scene of drama Tuesday night. In a controversial move the board dismissed Gloria Maloney from her position.

School board president Sandi Johnson started the meeting by reading a resolution to declare a vacancy. She said it's policy when a person holding a seat no longer lives in the district - that person ceases to be a school board member Johnson said Gloria Maloney no longer lives in the Harlem District, and asked the board to vote on removing her.

Maloney interrupted, but the board moved on and voted to dismiss her. Johnson asked Maloney to remove herself, and she refused. Maloney said by law the board does not have the authority to remove her. So the session went into a five minute recess, and Supt. Dr. Deluca took Maloney into a closed office.

After the private discussion with Dr. Deluca, Maloney went back into the meeting and sat down in her chair. She told the board she wouldn't leave, unless the police officer escorted her our. So the deputy walked her outside and Maloney left with her husband.

Maloney claims that she's lived in the community for 55 years. Maloney told us her address and says she still lives there, even though her husband has a house in Janesville.